Updated & Streamlined Online Ordering

Updates & Streamlined Online Ordering
We have made updates to our online order platform.


Think of it as some tidying up in the new year, but we have updated our online ordering platform.  You no longer have to visit separate pages to order beer for pick-up and beer for direct shipping. 

The biggest benefit of this change is that it will make purchasing new and limited release beers much easier.

With the old set up, we would have to separate cases for online sales and pick-up sales.  In some instances, we would have to tinker with inventories on the back end of the online portal to make sure the beer was evenly distributed.  Now, this new set up pulls from one place for both.  This makes the process fairer and more accurate.  It also creates fewer pages and less of a chance there is confusion.   For even easier access you can bookmark our checkout page - https://aurochsbrewing.square.site/

The new process is very intuitive.  The one major change is that when you are checking out you will need to choose between pick-up or shipping.  

If you choose the wrong option, not to worry!  Email us at aurochs@aurochsbrewing.com and we will correct it.

We are very confident the new system will work more smoothly.  However, if you would like a tutorial, a quick walk-through is provided below...

Step 1 -  Visit Our Website

Step 2 -  Click the 'Order Beer Here' Button on the Homepage

Step 3 -  Shop for Beer via the Online Store

Step 4 -  Select Your Beer

Step 5 -  Choose Pick-Up or Shipping

Step 6 -  Complete Your Order


Questions?  Email Us:  aurochs@aurochsbrewing.com