Operation Update in Accordance with PA State Mandate

We are all working together as a community to navigate through these difficult circumstances.  In the weeks since the first stay at home orders were put in place we have seen some amazing acts of selflessness and sacrafice from many works in the medical sector, public service and sanitation field.  We thank everyone making changes to their daily routines, especially those putting themselves in harms way.

We would like to thank our amazing customers who continue to support our staff, our brewery and enjoy our beers.  Thank you for your patronage, sincerely.  

In our continued effort to take every possible precaution and continue compliance with all state mandates, we have taken steps to furthure update our protocols in light of the Pennsylvania worker health ordinance issued by Secretary of Health  Dr. Rachel Levine.

Many of the called for prevention protocls outlined in the order were already in place here at Aurochs Brewing.  One of the major change we want to make our guests aware of is rule requiring all customers and staff to wear a face mask when on the premisis.  

In accordance with a state mandated order, all customers and staff are required to wear a face mask on the premisis.  

We sincerely appreciate your patience and compliance.  You are able to read the order in its entired here.  We will continue to thoroughly clean and sanitize our facility - especially areas staff and customers interact with often.  Thank you again for your support and we look forward to sharing life over a beer, across the table, again in the future.


Team Aurochs