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We are working hard to bring you great-tasting, naturally gluten-free craft beers.  Brewing great craft beer starts with a commitment to quality, dedication, and sourcing top-quality ingredients.  That includes finding the absolute best partners (shout-out Grouse Malt House)!

It is vitally important that we develop systems and continue to seek out the best possible partners to brew high-quality beer every time. 

That coupled with the extensive regulatory process that varies by state - these expansions take time. As we continue to grow we will update this page to help keep you in the know!

Aurochs is currently available for pick-up at the brewery and via direct shipping in PA, OH, KY, VA, and DC. Order here

Ask for Aurochs: At Retail 

You can find our gluten-free beer at bars, restaurants, beer distributors, bottle shops, and grocery stores throughout Pennslyvania and Connecticut. We’re working hard to make Aurochs accessible in as many states as possible!

Can't find Aurochs beer at your local spot?  Please, let us know where you’d like to see our beer!

Is your establishment looking to offer great-tasting gluten-free beer options to your guests? We can help, let's connect.

Currently available at retail in PA and CT.

Tasting Room: Thursday 5-8pm Friday 5-8pm Saturday 2-8pm CLOSED THANKSGIVING WEEKEND