The Year of the Can: A Review of 2019

The Year of the Can:  A Review of 2019

2019 proved to be another year of growth at the brewery – from a brewing standpoint, a sales standpoint and a personal standpoint. 

We are continually humbled by the support and patronage of Aurochs Brewing Company by all of you.  You make the difference, you fuel our passion and support our dreams.  More so than ever before, together we can change the way the world experiences gluten free beer.

We have jokingly referred to 2019 as ‘The Year of the Can’.  Its super clever, I know.  We are probably the only ones to think of it.   For us at Aurochs, and breweries all over the country, cans continue to dominate the craft beer landscape on shelf.  We made the decision for a handful of reasons, including but not limited to the improvements in product quality, packaging efficiencies and product availability.  As a result of the switch to cans you can now enjoy Aurochs in places where glass made it difficult – like in the woods or at the beach.  Additionally, because of the efficiencies we gained in packaging, we are now able to offer a wider variety of beers in cans. 



In 2019, we released Aurochs Blonde Ale, Aurochs Session IPA, Aurochs Amber Ale, Aurochs Porter and the occasional beer in our Limited Release Series (like our Pumpkin Ale) in cans. 

This past year, we also had the honor of speaking alongside of other influential members of the gluten free beer community at the Brewer’s Association’s Craft Brewers Conference in Denver, CO.  Organized by Karen Hertz, founder of Holidaily Brewing in Golden, Co – our panel ‘Against the (Traditional Grain): Gluten Free Beers – was an incredible forum to speak about and discuss the future of gluten free beer. 

In 2019 we once again exceeded our previous record for beers brewed, gallons of beer brewed, packaged beer sold and events.  We hope that trend continues in 2020. 

We believe that we have a special place in the ever-changing landscape of craft beer.  We serve a special, under-appreciated community of drinkers.  We take that responsibility very seriously.  We hope you continue on that journey with us to create and enjoy Celiac safe, gluten free beer!

Cheers from all of us at Aurochs Brewing Company!