Expanded Horizons in 2020

Expanded Horizons in 2020

After years of hard work, we are excited to take the next steps in realizing our dream in 2020.  We will soon be announcing the expansion of our distribution partnership to include multiple new states over the course of the year.  

This has required a lot of work and has been a long time in coming.  Sometimes certain goals take longer than expected but we feel we have learned some great lessons and are ready to expand beyond Pennsylvania. 

In addition to reaching new customers, in new places and new states – we plan to make some improvements in our tasting room and push hard to become more widely available in our home state. 


Last year we appealed to our fantastic supports by saying…

“We cannot do it alone.  Your continued support is paramount.  Please help us change the way the world experiences gluten free beer by continuing to 'Ask for Aurochs' at your favorite places.  

We want people to be able to enjoy great beer together, without having to worry about the risk of getting sick.  Together we can make this a reality.”

We have never been closer to making that a reality for all.

Cheers to 2020!