Our Brews

All of our brews are 100% naturally gluten-free. We test each of our ingredients to ensure our beer is pure and safe. And, of course, we drink it to make sure we like it. For more information about gluten-free or drinking beer, check out our blog.
Currently On Tap...
Aurochs Brown Ale 4.59% ABV 25 IBU
Aurochs Amber Ale 4.59% ABV 27 IBU
Aurochs Experimental IPA 5.5% ABV 57 IBU
Aurochs Pale Ale 4.59% ABV 32 IBU
Aurochs Wit 4.29% ABV 10 IBU
Aurochs Blonde Ale 4.59% ABV 13 IBU
Aurochs Nitro Porter 5.78% ABV 45 IBU