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On Tap at Aurochs

On Tap at Aurochs (9/11 – 9/13)

September 11, 2014 Read more in our blog
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Open for Business

Our tasting room will be open today from 4 - 8pm for tasting and growler sales while supplies last. We are open every weekend - Thursday & Friday 4-8pm and Saturdays 12-6pm. Come in and try some great tasting gluten-free craft beer!

Our Story

Co-founders Ryan Bove and Doug Foster, both gluten-free themselves, set out to create a gluten-free beer as great tasting as any other craft brew. Learn more about us on our blog. Our beers will be available in 2014.

Meet the Founders

Our team shares a passion for great beer. From left to right: Dave Lishego, Ryan Bove, Doug Foster, Jono Matusky, and Dave Rasmussen. Not pictured: Ryan Husted. Our beers will be available in 2014.

Pick up a growler this weekend!

Hours: Tasting Room & Growler Sales

Tasting Room Hours & Growler Sales

Thursdays 4:00-8:00pm
Fridays 4:00-8:00pm
Saturdays Noon-6:00pm

While supplies last.  We are working furiously to increase our brewing capacity to continue to bring you new, interesting and great tasting gluten-free beer.   We are also working to bring you MORE beer.  Your patience are appreciated while we work towards those goals.  We recommend that you check the website, Facebook or Twitter or reach out to us before you head down.

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About Aurochs Brewing Co

We set out to honor the spirit of the Aurochs, a legendary beast that roamed the wild countryside thousands of years ago. We brew with ancient, untamed grains to impart complex flavors shaped by generations of growth in the wilderness. We develop our own unique, original recipes that hark back to a time when man and beast refused to give up a life of freedom. Our commitment to quality ensures that every beer is naturally gluten-free and brewed from only the purest ingredients. We give our consumers the right to choose something wild and untamed because, much like the Aurochs, our beers are Never Domesticated. Always Free.

About the Aurochs

About the Aurochs

Standing over 6 feet tall and sporting razor-sharp horns large enough to hold a yard of ale, the Aurochs lived in an uneasy truce with primitive man. Humans hunted the Aurochs for food and clothing, and in return the animal would remain free to roam its natural habitat.

This balance collapsed with the advent of modern agriculture. Orderly rows of wheat, barley, and rye overran the once wild landscape, while stone walls enveloped herds of recently domesticated animals. Unlike its fellow creatures, the Aurochs refused to be tamed and instead chose a slow extinction as it freely roamed what little countryside it had left.

The Founders

About The Team

Aurochs co-founder Doug Foster avoided gluten his entire life after he was diagnosed with Celiac disease at the age of five. When his childhood friend Ryan Bove developed gluten intolerance twenty years later, the two set out to create a great-tasting beer made with naturally gluten-free ingredients. To complement Doug’s deep understanding of the g-free community and Ryan’s passion for beers and brewing, the two brought on Ryan Husted, Dave Rasmussen, Jonathan Matusky, and Dave Lishego to handle recipe development, financial operations, and online strategy at the company. To learn more about our team, click here.


About the Brewery

Our brewery is located on the Ohio River just outside downtown Pittsburgh, an area once home to ore refineries, great steel railroads, and markets that kept the city running with endless shipments of meat, produce, and beer. We can think of no better testament to the spirit of the Aurochs than Pittsburgh, a city forged by mountains and rivers, hardened by hardship, and ultimately cast in the form of unbridled optimism and resiliency. We share the joy of conquering a wild, uncertain challenge and honoring our commitment to quality and excellence. Much like the careful hunters of the Aurochs, we take no risks and begin with ingredients that contain absolutely no wheat, barley, or rye to guarantee our beers are all naturally gluten-free.

Our Brews

All of our brews are 100% naturally gluten-free. We test each of our ingredients to ensure our beer is pure and safe. And, of course, we drink it to make sure we like it. For more information about gluten-free or drinking beer, check out our blog.

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Aurochs Amber Ale

Our Amber Ale is about balance and breaking down barriers. The malt base of light roasted millet and quinoa offers hints of toast and biscuits, which is complemented by the spicy and floral notes from Styrian Golding and Cascade hops. This beer is perfect for any occasion and any season. The caramelized roast character make it a perfect pairing for barbecue and burgers. The floral and spicy hop notes pair well with Mexican, Thai, and Vietnamese food. The light body and 4.7% ABV make this a perfect beer for any drinking session.









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Aurochs White Ale

Try something wild. Our refreshing, versatile white ale—brewed from untamed grains—offers hints of citrus and a bit of spice. Smooth and slightly tart, the beer pairs well with most food, especially fish, lighter Mexican dishes, and desserts. Drink it with dinner or on its own—it tastes great either way.


Millet, Quinoa


German Tettnang, Czech Saaz





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